sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2014

First fresco studies

I have began a mural painting course last year, specifically fresco painting, and this year we have started with the actual painting practice, putting the lime plaster layers and painting. Each student has a 1m2 wall on which to practice, and for now we've been focusing on copying other paintings to get the hand of the technique, which I found is surprisingly intuitive and easy to work with. These are 2 of the studies I did, one after michelangelo and the other after verrochio.

quarta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2013

Ink Illustration - Rufous Hornero

This is an illustration for an ad campaign I did a while ago together with The Limetown Studios

Ink on mounted paper.

sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2013

Failed lithographs

Three lithographs that turned out bad either after the 1st roll up or the 2nd on the press. These are how they were before it happened. First two are the original drawings on the stone, the last one is showing the result of the 1st washout and roll up.

Still life II

A couple of still life studies with basic shapes. The cube was a perspective study and the composition was a structure/axis study. Both charcoal on paper.

sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Live model III and still life

Graphite on toned paper, around 70x50 cms, 5 sessions 3 hours each. Hands and feet were barely finished.

Still life is pastel on black canson mi-teintes.

sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Live model #2

Graphite on paper, roughly 90x65cm. Three sessions long, which is usually a short time for me, but regardless I managed to take it to a decent level, even though I couldn't finish the leg and feet.

domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

Live model drawings

These live model studies, while still far from what I want, are the best I've done so far. They all share the same technique and material, which is an amazing old Contè pencil (extra fine drawing pencil n.1) that isn't made anymore (of which I only have one) on a fabriano f4 paper toned with watercolor. I'm aiming to study at the Repin school in St. Petersburg, and hopefully in 2 years I will have enough money and skills to get accepted there.

Head studies

Three head studies from life, older one is bellow, newest on the top. It was black colored pencil (prismacolor verithin) for the top one on a smooth strathmore paper, and graphite on paper for the bottom two.